Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Pinhole Image

Here is another image from my home-made pinhole camera. This was taken in full sun for 47sec. I was hoping to get a better feel of flowing water down this cascade fountain, but the real "splashy" stuff is sort of in the distance in the upper part of the frame. I keep forgetting that this panoramic pinhole is like having a really wide lens on a conventional camera, so stuff sort of disappears into the distance rather quickly. I really like the aesthetic of the pinhole image and the 1:2 aspect of the frame lets the scene unfold nicely.

This was taken on Ilford Harmon Direct Positive Paper. It was then left in the box for about 5 days. I didn't really have much hope of recovering an image after that time because the instructions with the paper say to develop immediately. I mixed up a batch of Caffenol-C-L and gave it a try anyway, and what do you know, it developed just fine with no problems.

Let me know what you think.

Wateridge Waterfall