Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Cyano

If you scroll down to the Large Format Fun entry, you will see a photo of combination padlocks along a chain link fence. I like that image so much that I decided to make a cyanotype print of it. I made a couple of attempts. The first one was totally blank. The emulsion completely washed off of the paper because it was under-exposed. That was a 6 minute exposure. So I tried a 15 minute exposure. That one came out very light, but there was an image there. So I dried it and scanned it and threw it into Photoshop (yes, I still embrace digital technology). I cropped it, desaturated it and bumped the contrast and I ended up with a 'digital' image that I really like. This is an instance of technology stepping in and saving an image, but it isn't really a print that I would take out and show to anyone. But I'll put it here where digital is the only option.

Cyanotype locks

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