Saturday, June 22, 2013


BorisMy dog is a greyhound. We adopted him in the Spring of 2010 from the Greyhound Adoption Center in the San Diego area. He is a very good dog although he is not the most friendly with strangers. Greyhounds have a reputation for being very laid back and tolerant. Boris is a little more... mmm... introverted. Among the family though, he is very loving and vocal. Greyhounds will bark, but not very much or very often. Boris only barks when a family member comes home or when someone knocks at the door. Once you open the door, he is fine. He just doesn't like the knocking. Greyhounds do what is called 'rooing'. It is sort of like howling, but it is lower pitched and they move their jaws so it sort of sounds like 'rooowrooowrooow'. Boris does this  when you walk down the stairs or down the hallway, especially if it is nearing time for dinner or his evening walk.

Boris is not a great pet model. Generally, when I point a camera at him, all I get for my trouble is a noseprint on my lens. This day though, I had my Speed Graphic out, which is not very 'camera-looking'. Also, I didn't hold it up to my face. I set it on the floor. It was a long exposure (15sec) and I thought for sure he would move and blur the whole thing. But this day he was resting quietly and the only thing that moved was his right eyebrow (note a little blur there). Otherwise, his laziness played in my favor for this shot. It was taken on Kodak CSG x-ray film and developed in caffeinol-cl for 70min. I think it came out pretty nice. If you care to find out more about Boris, visit his blog over on Facebook.