Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Front Standard

I am kind of going by intuition here, so if anyone sees me going completely off track, let me know.

I finished taping up the joints on the front standard and devised a pocket for the pinholes to slide into (also with gaffer's tape). I generally use gaffer's tape to "mount" the pinholes which I got from Earl over at The holes come as 3mm disks with the hole in the center, so I tape around them. You can see better below than I can explain here.

Front standard with pocket photo IMAG0346_zpsd8532fe1.jpgSo I started with the standard with a big-ish hole so that the edges of the foam core don't interfere with the light transmission to the outer edges of the image. I folded a piece of gaffer's tape in half and punched a hole in it using a regular paper hole punch. That got taped over the hole in the front of the standard. This pic is blurry, but I think you can make out what is going on there.

Front pocket photo IMAG0347_zps98513509.jpgI made a flap where the pinholes slide into the pocket so that I don't get light leaks behind the pinhole.

Inserting pinhole photo IMAG0348_zpsd3c9db8f.jpgThe pinhole is mounted in a 'standard' (for me) square of gaffer's tape, so that all of my pinholes look the same except that the diameter is written on the tape. So these now slide behind the smaller hole piece.

pinhole inserted photo IMAG0349_zps653c4dae.jpgSo this is what it looks like with the pinhole inserted. The flap sticks out a bit, so it might even make a small rudimentary lens hood for mid-day shots!