Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ted Forbes

Ted Forbes is a photographer among other things. I like his work. He is also a teacher. I mean that not in the sense that he 'instructs', but in the sense that as part of his persona, integrated into his being is the desire and ability to convey knowledge. Now I say this having never met him. I watch his show "The Art of Photography" on youtube, but just from watching him there, I can get a sense of this. I believe this is why he doesn't have a 'gear review' blog. He does do some teaching on the use of some gear, but that is more incidental to his teaching about photography. He covers the work of other great photographers (historic and contemporary), he talks about technique (I especially like his composition series). He covers darkroom, both wet and digital. The list goes on, but the underlying thread that keeps me coming back for every episode is his passion for the medium and his ability to convey and inspire the artistic substance of photography.

Head over and watch a few episodes. The production quality is good, the sound quality is superior and the content is top shelf.