Saturday, September 7, 2013


This is my dog, Boris.
He's a rescued greyhound who didn't win a single of his 4 races. In fact the best he ever did was 5th place. He was definitely not going to have a long life. But when he was 2½ a rescue organization scooped him up with some other greyhounds and brought him to San Diego. A few months later, he was placed with us and that is the beginning of the story of Boris' life with us. There is more of the story on his Facebook blog Life With Boris.
The photo I want to talk about though is this one.

I loaded this photo of Boris in December of last year and it got a few views initially, but then at the end of August, it suddenly started getting hits every day. Now I realize that 20 views per day is not a lot in the grand scheme, but for my photos, it is unusual. So what happened? I looked to see if it had been put in the "Explored" view, but no. I hadn't changed anything or added it to any additional groups. I did a Google image search to see if it had been used by someone else on a more popular site, but no. So what triggered this unusual increase in views? I guess it will be a mystery. I am just glad that people are enjoying Boris' sweet face as much as I do.
Portra Boris