Friday, April 25, 2014

Fail... Or Is It??

If you read my last post, you know I am shooting some instant film. Not being one to leave well enough alone, I decided to try and recover the negatives from the Fujifilm FP-100c. This is pretty simple and Google can answer any questions you have about it. I'm writing this to talk about a 'mistake' I made so that you can benefit from my experience and not make it yourself (or do, depending on what you want your scans to look like).

Instead of using strong gaffer's tape as recommended, I used cheap painter's tape. This stuff is purposely not very sticky so that it doesn't remove paint from your walls. Needless to say, the bleach I was using (not a gel type) leaked under the tape and got on the emulsion side of the film. Then I tried to wipe it off. Then I put some water on it and tried to wipe that off.

Here is the result along with the original scan of the print. I think I like what happened to this negative, though I'm not sure I could reproduce it in any consistent way. But that is part of art, right? Experimenting and adding randomness can create beautiful things.